Uvalde County
Underground Water Conservation District
Conservation Tips
Please, contact us if you
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Conservation Tips.
Car Wash
Wash Cars efficiently.

Choose a car wash that recycles water.  At
home, use a shut-off nozzle and wash your
car in small sections.  Direct runoff to water
Pools & Spas
Cover pool or spa.

Cover pools and spas to reduce
evaporation.  Avoid overflows and splashes
by reducing water levels.  Water landscape
with wading pool water.
Reduce dishwashing.

Use a rubber spatula to scrape dishes clean
to limit pre-rinse.  Let really dirty pans or
dishes soak to speed washing.

Use fewer Dishes.

Limit dishwasher use to full loads.  Minimize
detergent use.  Prepare food with an eye to
reducing dishwashing.
Prepare food efficiently.

Speed cleaning food by using a
vegetable brush.
Spray water in short bursts.
Faucet aerators cute consumption.

Defrost sensibly.

Plan ahead to defrost foods overnight
in the refrigerator.
Don't use running water.  Use the
microwave or put wrapped food in a
bowl of cold water.
Water yards wisely.                             Landscaping benefits most from slow, through,
infrequent watering.  Minimize evaporation by watering in early morning or evening.  Aerate lawns.  
Install drip irrigation and automatic timers.

Mulch to retain water.                        Plant hardy, water-saving plants, trees, and shrubs,
particularly native species.  Mow less frequently in dry times.  Limit lawn by using gravel or bark.
Use Water Wisely
Conserving Water:
1. Protects clean
drinking water,
a decreasing resource.
2. Saves money in water
and     sewage rates.
3. Reduces sewage
treatment      loads.
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